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Sorry for the delay. The first recap and fanworks post will be up later today to demonstrate these things a bit more.

This FAQ was written, heavily referencing the [livejournal.com profile] redial_the_gate FAQ. I hope the mods there will forgive me.

This community is (among other things; this is still also a general community) going to rewatch The West Wing together, hoping that many fans will join us on this journey. Twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, two posts will be made to the community: one to start off discussion of the episode and the other as a place to link to old and new fannish creations from the episode (vids, fic, icons, wallpapers, meta – anything fannish that is episode-related made by you or others).

This is a project for everyone, whether you love or don't love certain characters or ships or seasons. Whether you are a gen fan or love the slash and ship. Please don't bash characters or ships in the discussions and stay civil and polite. Disagreements are, of course, fine.

So how will this work again?

At the beginning of a season, there will be a volunteer post. The first season's is here. These volunteers will then post a general discussion post of their assigned episode on the day it is due. The other post, a post in which fanworks related to that episode can be linked to, will be posted by a mod on that day, too.

I volunteered! Now what do I need to put in the initial episode post?

A few rules:

1) The title of your post should be of the format "Rewatch: 1x01 - Pilot"

2) Provide a summary of the episode. This can be as short as five sentences or a detailed scene-by-scene breakdown. It can be funny or serious, whatever makes you happy :)

3) Please put a cut on anything longer than a few sections.

4) Please don't put pictures into the recap. There might be dial-up users around.

5) Please keep these posts general (encompass the entire episode rather than a few specific parts) and ship/slash-free to be accessible to all fans.

6) Try to include a few questions for the discussion in the end. This doesn't have to be anything philosophical, "What did you think of X's actions in this episode" or "Why was Y's hair that weird" is fine.

7) Have fun and if you have any questions, ask a mod.

So, um, what about that meta thing

If you want to go more into detail on a particular theme, the real-world implications of a plot point, CJ's hair, the Mallory/Sam relationship, whatever, you can post a meta-post in the time between the episode recap posts (the recap post should be up before you post). Meta posts can be serious, but they don't have to. They can be picspams. You don't necessarily need to sign up for those, but you can do so here. When posting, please title the post "Rewatch: Your Topic" and use a cut. Please, don't bash characters or ships in these, either, Criticism is okay, though.

Aaargh, what if I forget to post?

Your friendly neighborhood mods will try to remind you of your episode recaps a day or two before it is due, however, we cannot guarantee that. If you forget to post, a mod will post a short post to the community instead. Please remember timezones - one of the mods is in GMT+2 and will already have Tuesday/Saturday when it's still Monday/Friday ins some other timezones. Please try to post your recaps earlier than midnight.

If you forget to a post a meta post, don't worry too much. You can also post it after the rewatch for the season ends.

What about spoilers?

Since The West Wing has been a closed canon for 4 years now, there will be no restrictions on spoilers. However, it's always nice to label them in some ways.

I have a question you didn't answer!

Post a comment here and it shall be answered.


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