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Please leave links to fanworks related to Episode 1x01 - Pilot here. Any kind of fanwork is permitted: fanfic, icons, meta, artwork, picspams, videos... Also don't hesitate to link to your own work. Please label the fanworks according to type and rating (if applicable).
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Welcome to the first rewatch post in [community profile] thewestwing! This is your friendly mod [personal profile] yvi doing the recap. I am trying to keep my squee contained, but it might not be possible. Good for you that this episode doesn't have a lot of CJ in it.

If you are unable to view the episode, you can also take a look at the transcript.

Episode 1x01 - Pilot )

A few questions to warm you up:

1. As far as pilots go, how would you rate this episode?
2. If the pilot was the first episode you ever saw, did it get you hooked on the show?
3. Do you think this episode stroke the right balance between personal issues, introductions and political matters?
4. Who's better at getting himself into messy situations: Josh or Sam?

Also feel free to discuss any part you want to on in addition to this / instead of this.

(And if you want to volunteer to write one of these recaps, there are still plenty of episodes available at the sign-up post)


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