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Please leave links to fanworks related to Episode 1x05 - The Crackpots and These Women here. Any kind of fanwork is permitted: fanfic, icons, meta, artwork, picspams, videos... Also don't hesitate to link to your own work. Please label the fanworks according to type and rating (if applicable).
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The Crackpots and These Women- Transcript!

Blurb from IMDB: On the series' first "Big Block of Cheese" Day (nicknamed "Total Crackpot Day" by Josh), staffers meet with reps of various organizations causes, e.g., C.J. hosts a group that wants $900 million for a "wolves only" highway. The president has everyone to the residence for a homemade chili party, we learn about Mrs. Landingham's past, and Zoey is introduced to the group, including Charlie, for whom the intro soon becomes fateful.


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1. This is really the first view we get of Josh's childhood trauma. How does finding out about this now change how we view him? How do the writers use it to explain his behavior as the show continues?
2. What do you think about the treatment of women in this episode, particularly the last scene? Is it condescending, or standard for the time which Bartlet and Leo grew up, or something else? How does Josh's own treatment of women- Donna specifically- resonate with you, especially as he's a generation younger than Leo and Bartlet?
3. What do you think of the balance of drama and comedy in this episode? The juxtaposition of the "crackpots" and apocalypse is... well, unusual.


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