Jun. 18th, 2010

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Episode 1x14: Take This Sabbath Day

Read the Transcript Here

This episode has one major focus: the death penalty.

The blurb from IMDb:
A drug dealer's appeal of the federal death penalty is rejected by the Supreme Court, which upholds the death sentence with execution scheduled for the following Monday. One of the defense lawyers on the case is Sam's old high school bully, and he appeals directly to Sam to involve the president. During a weekend in which he was supposed to be in a yacht race, Sam opts to stay at the W.H. and try to convince his fellow staffers and ultimately Bartlet that the president should commute the sentence. Meanwhile Josh, after a night of heavy drinking at a bachelor party, meets congressional campaign manager Joey Lucas while is hung over. She assails him for having the DNC cut off funding for her candidate, but the decision was deliberate, as the W.H. likes the conservative nutjob currently holding the Calif. seat. Opinions on the death penalty are exchanged throughout the weekend, including those of Quaker Joey Lucas and Toby's rabbi, and Bartlet winds up calling both the Pope and his old parish priest from N.H. for counsel.

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  1. Did the President seem really conflicted over the advice he was given, or was he just being a politician, as he told Joey?
  2. This episode marks one of the strongest representations of the occasional intermingling of religion and the work of the administration. How does that come across?
  3. Another woman, another instance of Josh being a jackass. Was he totally over the line with Joey Lucas because that's Josh, or was it the booze in his "delicate system" doing the talking?
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(Yes, episodes 11, 12, and 13 are... missing in action. I am sorry, I have been too busy. If you want to help, the sign-up post is here: http://thewestwing.dreamwidth.org/2943.html )

Please leave links to fanworks related to Episode 1x09 - Take This Sabbath Day here. Any kind of fanwork is permitted: fanfic, icons, meta, artwork, picspams, videos... Also don't hesitate to link to your own work. Please label the fanworks according to type and rating (if applicable).


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