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Third Monday 2013 banner

Hello, West Wing fans! Sign-ups for Third Monday, a President's Day fic exchange, open this weekend. In previous years, we focused primarily on fandoms related to real-world American politics and media (Fake News, Real News, and Political RPF), but this year, we're mixing things up by adding The West Wing and The Newsroom to our list of fandoms, and we'd love to have some of you join us!

The short version of the full Third Monday rules and schedule is this: From November 25-December 16, you can sign-up with one offer of and four requests for fic about characters in the aforementioned fandoms. On December 18, you'll receive an assignment that matches your offer. You'll have until February 15 to write at least 750 words fulfilling your assignment, and on February 18, you'll get a story that matches one of your requests.

There are a few days until sign-ups open, but we wanted to announce early and give everyone a chance to look over the character list so you could start planning your requests and offers (or so you could nominate any missing characters). Now is also a great time ask questions or let us know that you need an Archive of Our Own invitation either of which you can do by commenting here or at [community profile] thirdmonday.


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