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EvMaroon wrote a great post for Bitch Blogs about fictional political tropes. Many of these are featured in The West Wing!

(Obviously, there will be spoilers for any and all seasons.)

1. The Evil Vice President Who Can't Wait to Get a Promotion
Check. We got this in spades with Hoynes, who never wanted to be VP in the first place.

2. The Self Sacrificing Secret Service Agent
EvMaroon mentions Mark Harmon, who played Simon Donovan. But there is also Molly, the poor red shirt who dies protecting Zoey, and she doesn't even get much airtime.

3. The Loyal Adviser/Old Friend Who Cuts Corners/Turns Evil
Hmmm, I'm not sure what's meant by cutting corners. Do you think that the last season plot with Toby and the space shuttle counts here? He's not evil, but it is a betrayal.

4. The Long-Suffering Wife
EvMaroon says Mrs. Bartlett has covered this so well that no others can compare. I think so!

5.Power Hungry Politician
I'd count Hoynes here again! There are probably also a lot of guest characters and others who fit, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Who else is there?

6. The Fake Candidate
I can't think of any in West Wing. Anyone?

7. The Non-White or Female President as Harbinger of Doom
Who knows, maybe the year after Santos is elected there is an epic apocalypse. Somehow I don't think so. This is just one trope WW couldn't cover.

Are there others not covered here? What's your favorite WW trope?
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