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Transcript link. I have caught up with the rewatch, so this week there's at least a short recap.

I will do this recap by storylines, which will hopefully keep me from rambling too much, as I have a date with Freeciv ;) You also get a bunch of Best Of quotes :)

1. The Supreme Court nomination

CJ, Josh, Toby, and Sam are quite vocally celebrating that they managed to seal the deal on filling a supreme court spot with a guy called Harrison. They decide to make this public three days later. The celebration for Josh is cut a bit short by the ceiling attacking him, but hey, those things happen.

The person who occupied the SC spot to far does not like the idea of the new guy, though, and tells the President as much. He would like the President to consider Mendoza. The president nods a bit, but seems to remain unconvinced, though later he appears to be getting a few doubts and asks Toby to put together some information on Mendoza. Sam receives an ominous phone call and gets ahold of a paper written by Harrison that states things like "while enjoying my privacy, I am compelled to admit that government has a right to invade it unless specifically prohibited by some specific Constitutional provision". That won't fly well, even if it was written 20+ years ago, so plan to bring him in for questioning to chat with Sam. Bartlet also wants to meet Mendoza now.

The questioning is pretty brutal as far as things like that probably go. It's also pretty nonsensical for me, but that might be because I am not US-American (so there's no right to privacy if the constitution doesn't spell it out? and who cares whether the founding fathers intended for there to be that right? ok, I'll stop now and concentrate on the fact that my country's President resigned today). At the end of this, they take him out to wait.

Enter Roberto Mendoza. Among other things, he says he is opposed to mandatory drug testing and would reinstate anyone fired over refusing to have one. That seems to sell Toby, and everyone else is already smitten anyway. So he gets the spot :)

2. The Peter Lillienfield situation

Peter Lillienfield is holding a press conference nobody seems to care about much. Until he says that he has it on good authority that one of of three people working in the White House regularly use drugs. That certainly gets everyone's attention. At first everyone except for Mandy is amused, though. There is a lot of fighting about mandatory drug testing and whether that would be a) a good thing in general and b) a good thing for them to do in this situation.

Josh shadily approaches Danny and they have a super secret conversation in which noone actually says much. But by the end of it, Josh is pretty sure that Lillienfiel is after a big fish. So he asks Leo and yeah, Leo used to be addicted to pills and was in rehab for it. Josh reassures him that he won't allow Leo to be taken down by this. The President also reassures him, though strangely enough that conversation seems to be about alcohol and not drugs.

3. Danny and CJ

Danny is still very much hitting on CJ and she is still resisting. They have a few nice semi-flirting scenes and then Josh says that CJ likes goldfish. So he gets her one. Only he meant the crackers, not the animals. Ouups?

Quotes from this ep:

You da man.


C.J., no leaks. If the name of this nominee is leaked out before I want it
to be leaked out, I'm gonna blame you, and you're gonna find that unpleasant.

I got to tell you something, Toby. You're hot when you're like this.


You know what we're finally gonna have?

A waspy old man in the Supreme Court?


I wanted to retire five years ago. But I waited for a Democrat. I wanted a
Democrat. Hmm! And instead I got you.


Well, I am not Harry Truman.

Mr. Bartlet, you needn't point out that fact.

It's 'Dr. Bartlet,' your honor. Now, let's go start your retirement.


You should be nice to me. I could be dead you know.

I don't have that kind of luck.


Leo, I know I'm in your office. Forgive me. [yells] But nobody saw this

Yeah. I can't believe my psychic didn't tell me, Toby. Rest assured, I'm
gonna get my twenty bucks back.


You need to learn that 'no parking' means no parking.

The thing is sometimes I can't find a space.


I don't have time for a little basketball game!

Neither do I. Which is why we I thought could watch it in your office while
I explain it to you in a patronizing manner, 'cause I know it's something women usually

Possible discussion points:

The issues of mandatory drug testing in one of the plot lines and privacy concerns in the other plot line are tied together in one of the scenes. Did that work for you?

Interesting relevation about Leo. Did you see that coming?

Personally, I love CJ and Danny, but the whole "he wants her, she says no" thing does get a bit old. What do you think?

Any more favourite quotes?

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Date: 2010-05-31 08:15 pm (UTC)
twtd: (Default)
From: [personal profile] twtd
Basically, with the right to privacy thing, essentially, if the right to make laws about something isn't explicitly stated in the US Constitution, then the federal government isn't allowed to regulate it, whether to take it away or to protect it. The 10th Amendment says that that power is the province of the states. So states can theoretically make laws about, say, how high you can grow your grass, but the federal government can't, because there isn't anything in the Constitution that says the federal government can regulate grass length (there are lots of ways to get around this, like the equal rights amendments and the commerce clause [which says the federal government can regulate anything that effects interstate commerce], but they not really pertinent to this).

There's no Amendment that says "You have the right to privacy" and there isn't any other wording that states is explicitly, hence, without some kind of interpretive reading, there's no right to privacy.

The big debate then, is how far a judge is willing to go in their interpretation and Harrison is essentially saying, as far as he's concerned, he isn't going to go very far. Conservative judges generally prefer to base their decisions on a very strict interpretation, where as liberal judges are generally more willing to allow for more shades of meaning.

They harp on the consequences to privacy a lot in the episode, but the their problem with Harrison is actually much bigger than that, because if he isn't willing to infer a right to privacy, then there are a ton of other rights that based on inference and penumbras that he would also, logically, not hold as constitutional.

So hopefully that makes

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Date: 2010-05-31 08:22 pm (UTC)
twtd: (Default)
From: [personal profile] twtd
Well, I'm always willing to explain US government-y type things. :)

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Date: 2010-06-01 12:37 pm (UTC)
acrimonyastraea: (Default)
From: [personal profile] acrimonyastraea
I have less patience for CJ and Danny each time I watch the series. Normally I would absolutely hate the whole "man pursuing woman till she's worn down enough to say yes" scenario. The only thing that saves it at all for me is that Danny otherwise seems so respectful of CJ and isn't the kind of guy who needs to play power games.

I think that while the political discussion in the SCOTUS nominee plot can be interesting, there's so much more there that is what I think makes the show accessible. I'll never have any work experience near the level of choosing a SCOTUS nominee, but I can totally relate to thinking that I have something IN THE BAG! I AM AWESOME! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! And then it turns out that I missed something that turns the whole situation upside down. That human element is always there, in the show, and so even if you don't get the details (I often don't when they talk foreign policy or obscure party politics) you can still have the emotional connection to the characters.


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