Apr. 27th, 2010

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Oh my, I am really getting late with this!

We are going to start this community's The West Wing rewatch next week. I am a bit pressed for time, so a rules post will come later today or tomorrow (please don't despair if you don't understand something I am saying here, I hope to clear it up later), but for now, these are the sign-ups for writing an episode recap / a meta post so that we can start next week.

There will be two episodes per week: one will be recapped on Monday and discussed Monday - Thursday and the other recapped on Friday and discussed Friday - Sunday. With that I mean that recap posts will go up on Monday and Friday and meta for that episode, should there be any should be posted in the following days.

Please comment to this entry if you would like to recap an episode or write a meta entry. I will take the first date, so you'll have a few more days to sign up for this. Please only claim one episode (and as much meta as you'd like) at first.

Episode timetable and sign-ups )

Please also feel free to link this. The more, the better!


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