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Apologies this is very choppy and not very good. I got paranoid. And it's early :)

Synopsis (from - Josh describes the previous week while Toby and Sam scramble to save their Supreme Court nomination.


A bustling lecture hall.

Josh is backstage talking on the telephone as he is being introduced by David Nessler.. Sam breaks the news that Judge Mendoza has been arrested for drink driving and other misdemeanours not particularly becoming for a SC nomination.

As they discuss the situation Sam swoops into the night and changes into his Superman outfit. sorry, hails a cab to The White House as Josh waits for his cue to go on stage.

[Cut to Leo’s office.]

Watch and learn as Sam’s statement of ‘It's not as bad as you think, C.J.’ fills the room with reassurance and enthusiasm. Toby walks in rather woefully informing CJ that it will all be her fault if it isn’t already. Leo strides in in mid-flow and does the same. She doesn’t seem bothered. That’s my girl.

Toby tells Leo he’s going to help Sam rescue Judge Mendoza and we…

[Cut to opening titles.]

Back at the lecture hall:

Josh, why don't you start by telling us about a typical day at the White

Well, the first thing I'll tell you is, there's no such thing.

Josh sets up what seems will be a comedy of errors and then it’s time for the first flashback scene. All these years on I’m still disappointed there were no wobbly picture effects or ethereal music ;)

[Cut to The Press Briefing Room a day earlier with CJ, Toby and Sam.]

CJ looks oh so very lovely in those glasses. Apparently Toby is under the impression that she has no idea what she’s doing… (Care to fast forward a while, Mr Ziegler? COUGH Joshua COUGH)

She proves she has some idea by flashing (an index card sadly), and leaves the room with Sam. We learn that she is in discomfort and has a dental appointment.


I'm experiencing some pain.

For how long?


About a month now, but it'll go away by itself.


When I die, Sam.

So Mr Seaborn makes CJ keep the appointment, gets a bit of a verbal bashing for his trouble and does as he is told.

Meanwhile, Toby is thrilled to learn that the HUD Secretary Deborah O’Leary has called Jack Wooden a racist. It’s a nice scene with Josh, Toby, Ginger and Bonnie giving Mandy the chance to prove why she’s in the show by reading from a piece of paper.

Toby says something suitably sarcastic and we go to Josh who explains the situation further at the lecture hall.

(Jumping a bit to….)

…Danny asking questions to Bartlet and it not going particularly well…

Back at the lecture hall, Josh’s phone rings so he removes the mike (take note Mr Brown), and answers the call.  Toby and Sam are lost in their car.  Josh asks Toby to keep him informed and resumes the lecture with Nessler.  It’s very dark outside and I’m not sure that Toby would be up for a game of Eye Spy at this point… Sam telling him that he is using celestial navigation does not improve things a great deal

Hey, Galileo, get off at the next exit and turn the car around.


In The White House we have a nice game of verbal tag with Leo and Deborah O’Leary as the BRILLIANT ‘Almost CJ Cregg’ CCH Pounder runs off with the scene after her character agrees the best course of action.

Then we cut again to Josh (who is still in that ghastly sitting position) and about to declare that everyone lived happily ever after… or not.

[Flashback!Cut to Josh’s Office.]

CJ knocks on the door and it’s time for the Woot Canaw Sketch.  Pick your favourite line, everyone. (The author’s choice is ‘Josh, pwease be vewy caweful. Twy vewy, vewy hawd not to destwoy us.’ Closely followed by Danny’s ‘Okie dokie’ when he learns Josh wants some lectern action.)

Not two minutes later Josh is making one heck of a mess. As things unravel, CJ plans how to commit murder and get away with it.  Because there’s a secret plan to fight inflation.

What are Toby and Sam up to I wonder? Oh. They’re still lost. Toby’s phone rings. It’s Josh. Toby takes this opportunity to have a (verbal) poke at Sam and glare at him quite a bit. But they have found the police station! Huzzah! So at last it’s time for the Dynamic Duo to get to work.

Poor Sam, the police officers don’t believe him when he says he and Toby work for The White House. Toby smiles when the penny drops.

Back in the bwiefing, oops - briefing room, things aren’t getting any better for Josh. He manages to escape the wrath of The Press, but CJ (who gets fabolously decoded by Donna), is after him.  Toby too – although Sam is about to give him some bad news.

Some scenes in brief:

    Josh talks about Roberto Mendoza in the lecture hall.
    Leo is exasperated at Josh.
    Toby meets Mendoza in the cell.
    Charlie has the delightful task of waking The President.

[Cut to The White House – Meeting with The President.]

CJ is instructed to do all Press briefings even if she is on her death bed, Bartlet asks Toby about Mendoza and Sam gets geeky and adorable to the extreme when he talks about highway routes.

Is he coming in from Neptune?

[Cut for brief scene with Josh and Nessler before cutting to Wesley Police Station.]

Where Sam explains Mendoza’s medical condition and praises the coffee.

In the cell, Toby listens as Mendoza recounts the humiliation of his arrest and its impact on his family. 

There's nothing about this that doesn't stink. If it were me, I'd wanna
extract vengeance, and I'd say 'Let justice be done.' I'd also wanna spend some time in a dark room alone, so that I didn't have to face my wife and my son and have them see my humiliation. Rob, I can't get this done if this is the story. Can't get it done. Nothing about this that doesn't stink. And nothing about it that wouldn't be better if you were a Supreme Court Justice. Let me take you to the motel. Go see your boy.

So, Toby and Roberto leave the cell and apologies are made and scheduled and Toby, Sam and Mendoza exit the station.

[Cut to Josh where his ‘phone rings again. When he hangs up he agrees to take some questions and we FADE TO BLACK.]

Questions/Discussion points:

What do you think of the balance in this episode? It is top heavy with humour? If so, does it overshadow the serious issue of prejudice, for example?

(And a pointless, hypothetical one to finish.) CCH Pounder as CJ Cregg? Discuss. ;)



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